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Bellwether Dental Implants & Oral Surgery

Bellingham's Premier Choice for Dental Implants and Oral Surgery


Welcome to Bellwether Dental Implant's and Oral Surgery

Bellingham's Premier Choice for Dental Implants and Oral Surgery!


With over 1000 Successful Implants placed, Our Surgeons have the 

Expertise to handle even the Most challenging Cases.  

If it can be done, We can do it.  

Efficiently, precisely and affordably.  It's what we do best!


Full mouth implant rehabilitation

One Team... One Goal...

Most Oral Surgeons will place Implants and refer you back to your GP to Restore...


The problem with this is when there is failure of communication between practitioners. 

For Complicated Cases such as the patient above, this could lead to Catastrophic Implant Failure or even Successful Implants that are Impossible to Restore due to incorrect angulation/spacing.   

The Same Team handling your case from Start to Finish Eliminates ANY chances of communication error.  We keep the final product in mind at all stages of the Implant Process.  

The benefit?  

Simply The Highest Possible Implant Success Rate!    


Makes Traditional Dentures Obsolete


Traditional Dentures are quickly becoming a relic of the past.  

The Implant Supported Appliance is the new standard in restoring the completely Edentulous (toothless) mouth.  

Called ALL-ON-FOUR (Tm) because it involves at least 4 Implants to support a Special Denture or Bridge.   

Function wise it is the closest thing to having real teeth and they look fantastic as well!


SAME DAY IMPLANT and Sinus graft

One Day Implants!

The Most Common things people dread about getting Implants is a lengthy process and possible Discomfort.  

Even if you need a Sinus Lift or Bone Graft, the actual chair time and experience is about the same as getting a filling done.  

And in most cases, clients can get their Implants Placed  in Just ONE Visit! 

Our Implants are Quick, Easy and most importantly...  Painless!

Wisdom Tooth Removal


From Simple Extractions to Full Impactions.  

Most of Our Wisdom Teeth Removal Appointments only take 45 minutes from Start to Finish.  

Sedation is Recommended but not always Necessary.  

Recovery time is minimal and most Clients are back to school/work within 1-2 days.

For your Convenience, Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

Available On-Site Financing


Accepting Most Dental Insurances

We take most major dental insurances !  Our billing specialists will pull your benefits before your surgery and go through the breakdown so you will know exactly what is covered with no hidden surprises.

Easy On-Site Financing

We have Available On-Site Financing for Every Procedure we do ! 

 Quick and Easy Credit Approvals with Terms as long as 60 months and Interest as low as 0% APR !  

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